52 songs

Oh dear, what have I done??

Our friend Simon had his 30th birthday on 2nd December and he had a really fun party in York that we attended. He’s a musician and has lots of musical friends, so part of the party was there was a PA and some musical instruments set up and a thrown-together band that played some well known party songs.

This was MOST entertaining, particularly the random, unrehearsed singalong at the end of the evening.

It gave me the (crazy, stupid) idea of having a new years resolution to learn a popular song each week. I’ve been playing guitar for about 8 years now and don’t know many pop songs by heart, this would be a good way to learn.

Anyway, I never really thought I’d do it. But Sally’s gone and bought me some chord books of pop songs for Christmas, so I guess I have to.

I doubt I’ll make one per week, but I’ll start a new thread here and maybe use it to keep people posted on how I’m getting on (if at all). Maybe this is a good way to be accountable and have people suggest songs too. If you’re one of my limited readership, feel free to post comments or email me suggestions/ideas.

Thoughts turn to what the first few songs might be. “Love me do” by the Beatles is a good choice as it REALLY is three chords and has simple words. Though Robbie Williams’ “Angels” may also be a good start as I sort-of learnt it before. Or maybe a Christmas song…especially as I’ve been playing LOTS on Christmas Carol services at church of late.

An update sometime soon…I hope.