Dress Codes

Another comment that I made on another persons Blog that I wanted to copy here. It took me a while to write and contains a funny story from a business meeting, so I wanted to include it as a “note to self” of my own.

The other-Blog author, is actually a friend of Sally’s, but he’s an excellent writer and has been keeping a very entertaining Blog of his time as an Englishman in Brazil. His writing was one of the things that inspired me to take up my own note taking here, but the quality and entertainment value of his posts is far greater than mine.

Maps and Legends: Dave Maclure’s Blog
The specific post I commented on

In response to “Things I love about Brazil #25: informal dress codes”

I’m still reading and still enjoying your writing. Hope you don’t mind. I particularly like your random numbering of “things I miss…things I love…”!!

I was thinking about dress codes the other day. I was in a business meeting with a supplier. The guys from the supplier company were both wearing suits. But us as “supply-ees” were, at best, smart casual. (In amusing contrast, someone had bought along some Chuppa Chupps lollipops, so we were all sat there eating kids’ candy…in suits…bizzare)

It reminded me that I hate wearing suits. I feel like a fraud in them. It’s not who I am. But I am pretty clean-cut, and I find myself frowning at people who dress really scruffily. And yet, that’s who they are. They’d feel like a fraud wearing what I wear. I don’t wear suits, but I AM a clothing snob!

Brazil sounds like the kind of place where you can just be yourself. Whereas in England we’re forced to dress certain ways at certain times. I wonder why that is and what it achieves?