Online Cycling Tools

I think I’ve mentioned online route planners before. I’m re-investigating them at the moment – amazing how quickly things move on.

I currently log routes on Bikely. It’s fast, easy to use, does nice maps with commentary, and shows elevation profiles.

I just looked again at MapMyRide but it’s slow, full of adverts, and though it gives you a map it doesn’t give you a way to step through the route – not that I could make out anyway.

Though, my new favourite is the BikeRouteToaster. It’s VERY fast, does good elevation profiles and cue sheets (literally, “Turn left at Thomas Street”), and seems to have the easiest route editing functions. The only problem being that it’s a bit clunky and lacks some simple things, like having a “home” – you have to zoom in about 8 times at the start of every route.

I’m sticking with Bikely for now, but may convert to the Toaster if they can improve it just a TINY bit more!