"The Range"

There’s a big new shop in Swindon called the range. It reminds me of Trago Mills, in Devon.

It, like Trago’s, sells everything. EVERYTHING. I saw paintings, frames, mirrors, DIY goods, car maintenance kit, bike gear, craft supplies, office stationary, food, lighting, furniture, gardening items, fabric and sewing stuff, outdoor and camping equipment, leisure and sports things. I think they even sold kitchen sinks!

And yet, despite the millions of items on show, there was very little I wanted. I mean – there was actually stuff I needed there but most of it just not quite right, slightly too low quality, too cheap and tacky, or…something.

Sally and I have occasionally popped to Trago’s (which is like the range but about 8 times bigger…I exaggerate not!) when down in Devon and experienced the same thing. We usually go with a long list of things, and very rarely bring back even half of them. It just seems like a better idea to buy it somewhere else.

I bought a few things in The Range. I will probably go back, but more for the wonder and awe of seeing such a vast range of products under one roof, than to actually buy anything of any real value.