Bicycle maintenance – maybe not as hard as I thought?

Before I bought my beloved Fuzzy (the Felt…my road bike!), I did a lot of research into how to keep it in good nick. I asked questions on internet forums. I read books and magazines. And when it came to getting Fuzzy home I generally thought I knew what I was doing…and I was well prepared for a LOT of time and effort doing maintenance.

My first few rides, having fallen off, were tentative, and followed by a close inspection of parts. But as time has gone on I’ve become less precious and Fuzzy’s not had much maintenance for a while now.

I kinda feel bad about this. But also, he doesn’t really need it! He’s a bit grubby, but he’s well lubricated, the brakes are still strong and the transmission is smooth as silk still.

The key, it seems, it making sure he’s looked after when he’s wet. The books and forums all said to pay lots of attention to the chain, and to wipe down when you’ve been out in the rain. And sure enough, this seems to have kept the bike in good nick.

I really MUST spend some time doing some proper cleaning and maintenance at some point but for now it seems that little and often is the key, and it’s much less work than I thought it would be.