Eeek…I'm a shopaholic!

[Sorry for backdating – I’m catching up on posts so these may appear in a bit of a random order]

I’m not a big shopper. I don’t hate it, but I mostly buy things because I need them. And when I buy things that I want they’re well thought out and researched so that I buy the right thing at the right price. This means that I don’t so much buying of things that I want.

But with us getting into the outdoors, I’ve been finding myself a bit of a shopaholic.

On our recent holiday we were in this little town called Grasmere, which is ALL set up as a tourist place for people who like the outdoors. Therefore, there are lots of outdoors shops. We also had a little trip to the Outdoors Show at the NEC which had lots of outdoors shops.

The thing about outdoors shops is that they’re full of things that are well designed, functional, clever, and mostly with some element of cool too.

I find myself in awe of all these things. I don’t really do “pretty” clothes, but if it keeps you cool, dry or stops the wind chill getting in, if it dries quickly, protects you from the sun, becomes a different article of clothing (convertible trousers!), makes you seen in the dark, weighs less, takes up less space in your luggage, washes at 30 degrees or gives you superhuman powers then it’s on my list!

Seriously, I could spend a lot of money in these places. And it bothers me.