Sally’s been Freecycling!

Freecycling is a term used for giving old stuff away. Internet groups exist, usually for a given location, such as a town. People post on these groups messages to say “I’m giving something away” and others respond to the group with “Yes, I’ll have that please”, and then they come round and get it from you.

It’s a great way to re-use and recycle unwanted, and in some cases, broken, stuff.

I was a little sceptical though. Did I want strangers coming to my house? What sort of quality would the goods on offer be? Won’t people just grab things and sell them on eBay or take them to car boot sales?

But I have to say that we’ve had some really good experiences. We’ve given away a few things, which has been a simple process and not at all scary having random visitors. Plus, we’ve acquired a blackboard. You can’t BUY a blackboard anywhere, so Sally posted a “Wanted” message, and some lovely people were throwing out a child’s easel, which they stripped the plastic frame off, cleaned up, and gave to us. It’s probably only worth a few quid but the people were lovely and helpful and we not have something that we wanted….for free!

We have a box full of stuff that we’re going to give away in this way. It’s GREAT!