Song 10: The Beatles "With a little help from my friends"

The songs have really fallen behind in a big way. Other things have just been more inportant of late. BUT – the songs are back on my list this week and this is a special!

A while ago a friend of ours who’s heading out to Kenya on a mission trip this summer, asked if I’d like to be an act in their fundraising “Stars in their Eyes” night. Well, that’s not actually how it happened, but anyway, myself and three other guys decided that we would be The Beatles for one night only.

We’ve left it a bit late really – the show is on Saturday evening – but we’ve just met up and had a run through the song, and I think we’ll just about have an act.

Bizarrely, I don’t really know many Beatles’ songs. I mean, I don’t know them well. I know lots of the songs but do I know the words? Apparently not. Bit of choruses and bridges but not a whole song.

So this has become song 10, and may well put me back on track. I didn’t really learn the last three very well so I may have some revisiting to do.

A big “well done”, then, for getting us organised and actually picking the song, and a big cheer for Lydia, who’s faithfully following God’s call to service – may her fun night be truly blessed.