Spiritual Networking…what might that look like?

We were at a wedding yesterday and had the fortune of staying over with good friends. Friends that we know REALLY well and easily slip into deep conversation with.

While we were there someone mentioned that they miss this deep conversation and that they wished they were better at using email to prompt discussion on important, spiritual, theological matters with us friends that they were close with.

The two IT techies in the room immediately saw the problem solving opportunity and in no time at all we’d coined the phrase “Spiritual Networking”. If you can use the Internet to do “Social Networking”, why can’t you use it to stimulate your spiritual life too?

We’re not really sure what this looks like yet and the idea is developing. I think it’s a closed online community where people post and respond to each others thoughts. Is it as simple as a bulleting board, or discussion forum? Or is there something more?

We’re looking at how to get something like this going on a small scale. Google Groups, Yahoo Groups, a shared Blog, a closed Facebook Group and various other suggestions have been put forward, but I think we just have to choose one and go for it and see what happens!