Mixing it up

Sorry – this is quite dull and is really just a note-to-self on fitness progress. The cycling has been going really well of late and I put in a record 254 miles in July. I’m not injured and I’m feeling strong and fit, which is great!

August, though, for various, non-cycling-related reasons has prompted lots of shorter rides and I’ve mostly just been doing my standard commutes. We’re two thirds in and I’ve only done 89 miles.

But I’ve also been thinking about mixing up my exercise a bit. I bailed out of a long ride the other day due to being totally soaked through, and Sally and I went for a game of squash instead, which was pretty fun! And just yesterday I went to the gym for the first time in a long time to do some rowing (man, I hate those machines, but it’s very good for me), cross training and resistance work (weights machines).

My ride in this morning felt pretty good, so maybe this will be a new way to get even more of a boost!

Though I have to say, there’s still nothing like a good, long ride on a nice day and when I am getting out for 10 miles or more it’s always with a lot of happiness!