2 Films: The Notebook & An Inconvenient Truth

Two films watched this week – most unlike us.

The Notebook

Recorded while we were on holiday, this charming love story didn’t really impress me. It was a simple couple-meet, couple-torn-apart, couple-get-back together story, wrapped up as an old man reading the story to his wife who’s suffering from dementia and amnesia. Touching and cute, but for me, ultimately lacking in a special something.

An Inconvenient Truth

We got this out of the library to watch now that Sally is involved in climate change projects.

It’s a good documentary, mostly based around a lecture given by Al Gore. It’s a well-made documentary film with good graphics explaining the science and facts, and Gore is a great speaker. An hour long lecture on climate change could easily be dull, but I was far from bored and found the whole thing informative and challenging.

In fact, I found it quite scary. It’ll certainly get me rethinking my own impact on the climate.