2 Films: The Notebook & An Inconvenient Truth

Two films watched this week – most unlike us.

The Notebook

Recorded while we were on holiday, this charming love story didn’t really impress me. It was a simple couple-meet, couple-torn-apart, couple-get-back together story, wrapped up as an old man reading the story to his wife who’s suffering from dementia and amnesia. Touching and cute, but for me, ultimately lacking in a special something.

An Inconvenient Truth

We got this out of the library to watch now that Sally is involved in climate change projects.

It’s a good documentary, mostly based around a lecture given by Al Gore. It’s a well-made documentary film with good graphics explaining the science and facts, and Gore is a great speaker. An hour long lecture on climate change could easily be dull, but I was far from bored and found the whole thing informative and challenging.

In fact, I found it quite scary. It’ll certainly get me rethinking my own impact on the climate.

1 thought on “2 Films: The Notebook & An Inconvenient Truth

  1. Hey Ross! I think i knew about your blog once upon a time but i’d forgotten about it! Very interesting and inspiring! Apparently our pastor preached on inconvenient Truth at a morning service a little while ago. Not on an environmental line as such, but more on the loving your neighbour as yourself line. ie thinking about the environment is a loving thing to do for your fellow man, particularly the millions of poor whio live over seas in the countries that are going to be flooded if the ice caps melt. I haven’t heard the sermon myself but i might see if it’s available. Great to hear your news though, esp about the hols! I remember when Alexa and i first frocve on the continent.. i also experienced those stiffled eeks while trying to navigate Toulouse!
    Have you seen Wall.E yet? It’s great fun and very interesting. In fact, i think i should write a blog about it!

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