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We haven’t been ot the cinema for ages, so a free evening on Friday was a chance to use some free tickets we’d acquired.

Two films watched this week – most unlike us. The Notebook Recorded while we were on holiday, this charming love story didn’t really impress me. It was a simple couple-meet, couple-torn-apart, couple-get-back together story, wrapped up as an old man… Continue Reading →

We saw the trailers for this film ages ago and, as we like Simon Pegg (of Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz), we thought it would be worth a bash. But we totally missed it at the cinema…. Continue Reading →

Philip Pullman is an author with a reputation. He is the children’s Dan Brown. He’s known more for the controversy about what he writes than for how he writes. I don’t like Dan Brown’s writing. I read the Da Vinci… Continue Reading →

Please, bear with me. This is like admitting to enjoying watching “Spice World” (oh come on, it was worth it just for the fake bus jumping over Tower Bridge “Speed”-style). Yes, this was on TV. Yes, we recorded it. And… Continue Reading →

It’s fair trade fortnight! I hadn’t actually realised – communication on it has been quiet this year. However, as part of the week, a film called Black Gold was on the telly. We’re all into sustainability and fair trade anyway,… Continue Reading →

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