• Film: Frost-Nixon

    We haven't been ot the cinema for ages, so a free evening on Friday was a chance to use some free tickets we'd acquired.

  • 2 Films: The Notebook & An Inconvenient Truth

    Two films watched this week – most unlike us. The Notebook Recorded while we were on holiday, this charming love story didn’t really impress me. It was a simple couple-meet, couple-torn-apart, couple-get-back together story, wrapped up as an old man reading the story to his wife who’s suffering from dementia and amnesia. Touching and cute, […]

  • Film: Run Fatboy Run

    We saw the trailers for this film ages ago and, as we like Simon Pegg (of Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz), we thought it would be worth a bash. But we totally missed it at the cinema. However, Sally’s borrowed it from a friend and so we sat down with a curry […]

  • Book: The Northern Lights (and Film: The Golden Compass)

    Philip Pullman is an author with a reputation. He is the children’s Dan Brown. He’s known more for the controversy about what he writes than for how he writes. I don’t like Dan Brown’s writing. I read the Da Vinci Code and though I thought it was gripping and exciting, it was also patronising and […]

  • Film: Gagh, no, I can't….OK, it was "Clueless"…now let me explain

    Please, bear with me. This is like admitting to enjoying watching “Spice World” (oh come on, it was worth it just for the fake bus jumping over Tower Bridge “Speed”-style). Yes, this was on TV. Yes, we recorded it. And yes, we actually sat and watched it. And, heck, it was FUN! This is a […]

  • Film: Black Gold

    It’s fair trade fortnight! I hadn’t actually realised – communication on it has been quiet this year. However, as part of the week, a film called Black Gold was on the telly. We’re all into sustainability and fair trade anyway, we understand that the trade that we do greatly affects the lives of people in […]