Film: Gagh, no, I can't….OK, it was "Clueless"…now let me explain

Please, bear with me. This is like admitting to enjoying watching “Spice World” (oh come on, it was worth it just for the fake bus jumping over Tower Bridge “Speed”-style). Yes, this was on TV. Yes, we recorded it. And yes, we actually sat and watched it. And, heck, it was FUN!

This is a cheesy, 90’s, American movie about teenage schoolgirls… BUT!!!!! It has it’s tongue firmly in it’s cheek and is more than what you might think it to be.

Alicia Silverstone very cleverly plays a very kooky and spoilt American school girl who’s rich daddy buys her everything she could ever want. Lots happens but, basically, for me this was the story of her finding out that there’s more to life than the American Consumerist Dream.

It’s not a great film but it’s funny and entertaining with some great one-liners. Am I ashamed I watched it? Hell yeah! But I’m a little bit proud that I did too!