Cycle Touring Article

This is a completely blatent note to self. But it deserves a note on why I have to make it.

I have an article on the web. I want to save a reference to it but the site isn’t one I’m following with Google Reader via its RSS/Atom feed. Normally I’d spot the article on Reader and “Star” it to remind me about it being useful.

I’m sure there are tools out there that allow me to usefully save links to pages that are of interest. But what/where are they? Any tips gratefully received.

In the meantime, here’s a useful article on Cycle Touring for beginners that I spotted. Cycle touring is something I’ve dreamed of since getting into cycling and, while it’s not something I expect to be doing in the near future, I hope to give it a go one day.

Here it is then: Preparing for a Cycle Tour