Abort!!! Abort!!!

Just had a new experience on the bike….cramp!  I’ve been meaning to get out on a lunchtime ride, but the week has been manicly busy, so, with Sally out tonight, I decided to try my well-lit, urban 14-miler again.

I knew it was colder than I was expecting by just at the back door of the office, you could feel the chill. That was confirmed on stepping outside. Brrrr. I was mostly prepared for this, but I only had my three-season, three-quarter-length longs on.

About 5 miles in though, and I could feel little twinges in my legs. Not something I’ve had before. Icy little darts of…not pain…but tension. I abandoned the 14-miler and started heading for home.

It was a traffic-light stop that killed me. I had to wait about a minute or so for it to change and as soon as I’d clipped back in…TWANG!!! It went. My left calf seized up.

I just about made it home without anything else going, but even after some good stretching I’m not right.

A word of winter warning. Wrap up well when it’s freezing, or take the short route home.