Filling the gaps

For some reason, we always thought that we had cavity wall insulation in our house.  The previous occupants went to great lengths to modernise the place and you’d think this would have been an obvious improvement.

But our external walls were getting VERY cold, creating some nasty draughts, and so we called in the insulators to see what they could do.

A quick and reasonably hassle-free  survey showed that the new-build extension was insulated, but the main walls of the house weren’t.

We’re striving to be green too, so this immediately shot up the list of priorities for the house.  And boy, we’re glad it did!

The results of this little bit of work have been quite impressive. The outer walls are nowhere near as cold as they were, the draught that used to come rushing down the stairs, through the hallway, and into the lounge has all but gone, and we’ve been consistently toasty-warm since the work was done – even when the temperature has dropped!

The only problem was the long wait – seems Domestic and General Insulation aren’t that efficient at processing paperwork – and getting hold of the installations administrators on the phone was impossible!

But despite that we’re very happy with our newly filled holes – and we’re looking forward to the next gas bill too!