• Cordless family life

    Freed from the constraints of having to find an appropriate combination of socket, circuit breaker, and extension lead, I could now just grab-and-go.

  • Renovations

    We’ve been meaning to get some plastering done in our house for ages. Some of the previous renovations were a bit slap-dash! The impending arrival of baby Wintle has forced us to get a move on with the home improvements. This photo shows the old and new. Capturing the colours and textures of the plaster […]

  • Fixing things

    There are several things in our house that have gone unmended for a long time. But I'm finally getting in gear and making them work again. First off was the grill. With my pen poised to sign a blank cheque, I called the Hotpoint/Indesit service centre.

  • Filling the gaps

    For some reason, we always thought that we had cavity wall insulation in our house.

  • A Busy Time

    It’s been a busy time for the Wintles! We’ve had numerous busy weekends, in Devon with my in-laws, on a Tour of the North (Leeds, Durham, and then back home via Cambridge and London), and we’ll be in London this coming weekend too. So we’ve not been at home much. Weekday evenings have been busy […]

  • General Easter Update

    It’s been a while and we’re off on holiday tomorrow so here’s a few thoughts to jot down before I go. Easter and “The Passion” It’s Easter Sunday. Easter is obviously a hijacked pagan festival – witness the eggs and bunnies that symbolise new life as spring approaches – heck the date of easter even […]

  • Digging it.

    Mud Glorious mud. That’s what’s at the end of our fairly large garden! Oh, and weeds. Creeping buttercup apparently. The queen of weeds in the Wintle garden. Our Garden One big reason for buying the house that we bought was the c. 100ft garden. For a nearly-town house this is HUGE! And it’s nicely split […]

  • Rats, Backs and not cycling.

    It’s been a bit of a hectic time of late so I have another backlog of posts to write. Watch this space for some back-dated things that I didn’t have time to write about properly when they popped into my head. Rats So, our house now smells, quite pungently, of dead rat. At least we […]

  • Transformations!

    So, when we moved into our house the front room looked kinda like this: It should be pointed out that the red stripe was NOT our idea. The general mess and clutter was. Now, Sally has put a LOT of work into the painting. Her approach is very much little bits here and there whenever […]