• Living and learning

    On the New Bike – Off the New Bike – Lessons in Wallpapering Today was supposed to be really exciting – it turned out to be quite depressing. Mostly. It did in fact end on a high – but we’ll have to talk about a few lows before then. I’ve been very excited about the […]

  • Mice? Oh rats! And a whole host of other problems.

    So, we thought we had mice in our loft but, after further inspection, a little web research, and discussions with other people about the size of droppings, we’ve decided we have rats. Booooo! They seem confined to the loft above our extension and the wall cavities. After calling the council and hearing that it would […]

  • Mice again

    Bother it…we seem to have mice scuttling around in our loft. How annoying. I hate them. I lay awake worrying about them terrorising me and taking over my house. Which is stupid because they’re pretty harmless. I’ve set traps. Mice… and Elephants… Grrrrrr.

  • A Month Off

    Phew, I’m finally back in the land of the living. Where have I been? Here’s my excuses for not writing for a month… Moving House Well, the house exchange and completion went through. We got the keys to our new house on October 5th. Sally was away for the weekend and I’d been banned from […]

  • Exchange!!!

    So after a long and complicated couple of days, which I won’t go into the details of here, we finally exchanged contracts on the house and will complete on Friday! Wow. We will own 5% of a house (and be borrowing the rest from the bank). After weeks of not very much happening this is […]

  • Still not right!!!

    It’s been nearly a month now since I was up all night being sick…the “flu-like virus” has mostly gone away but, as anyone who’s been watching my Facebook status will tell you, I still have the odd bad day. Tonight has been a particularly bad evening with me collapsing in bed and feeling like I’m […]

  • Update on house buying

    A while ago I mentioned that we’d had an offer accepted on a house! A quick update is due. The process has been moving along quite well. We stalled a bit while we chose a mortgage but that’s applied for, the legal stuff has all moved along as it should, the survey is now done, […]

  • Buying a house

    We’ve done it! We’ve had an offer accepted on a house! Actually, it happened a lot more quickly than I thought it would. So quickly that I didn’t get to write anything about the house-hunting process. You build it up in your head as being this huge thing that’s really hard and takes ages to […]