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On the New Bike – Off the New Bike – Lessons in Wallpapering Today was supposed to be really exciting – it turned out to be quite depressing. Mostly. It did in fact end on a high – but we’ll… Continue Reading →

So, we thought we had mice in our loft but, after further inspection, a little web research, and discussions with other people about the size of droppings, we’ve decided we have rats. Booooo! They seem confined to the loft above… Continue Reading →

Bother it…we seem to have mice scuttling around in our loft. How annoying. I hate them. I lay awake worrying about them terrorising me and taking over my house. Which is stupid because they’re pretty harmless. I’ve set traps. Mice…… Continue Reading →

Phew, I’m finally back in the land of the living. Where have I been? Here’s my excuses for not writing for a month… Moving House Well, the house exchange and completion went through. We got the keys to our new… Continue Reading →

So after a long and complicated couple of days, which I won’t go into the details of here, we finally exchanged contracts on the house and will complete on Friday! Wow. We will own 5% of a house (and be… Continue Reading →

It’s been nearly a month now since I was up all night being sick…the “flu-like virus” has mostly gone away but, as anyone who’s been watching my Facebook status will tell you, I still have the odd bad day. Tonight… Continue Reading →

A while ago I mentioned that we’d had an offer accepted on a house! A quick update is due. The process has been moving along quite well. We stalled a bit while we chose a mortgage but that’s applied for,… Continue Reading →

We’ve done it! We’ve had an offer accepted on a house! Actually, it happened a lot more quickly than I thought it would. So quickly that I didn’t get to write anything about the house-hunting process. You build it up… Continue Reading →

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