Update on house buying

A while ago I mentioned that we’d had an offer accepted on a house! A quick update is due.

The process has been moving along quite well. We stalled a bit while we chose a mortgage but that’s applied for, the legal stuff has all moved along as it should, the survey is now done, and it seems that nothing can now stand in the way of our purchase (famous last words…you read them here!).

My main feeling, other then excitement, is the completely overwhelming amount of information that’s involved. We requested some extra reports and searches because the house:
– is near a flood plain (far enough from it to be safe though),
– is near the site of an old refuse site,
– has recently had an extension built.

So we have the following documentation:
– an environmental report,
– a water and drainage report,
– a survey and homebuyers report,
– the information pack from the seller,
– all the mortgage information,
– information on buildings and contents insurance.

In addition, today we’ve received a couple of quotes and information packs for life assurance and payment protection. And my brain has just overloaded. I can’t take any more!!!

There’s been some discussion recently about things called home information packs that the seller is supposed to put together. I believe these are becoming mandatory for 3-bedroom houses just this week (if only we’d waited!!). What a good idea this is! If our purchase had fallen through the searches we’ve done and paid for would have to be re-done and re-paid-for. With a Home Information Pack it’s all done once and by the seller, which seems to make a whole world of sense to me.

We are excited, we are thankful for the hugely privileged position that we find ourselves in in being able to buy a house in the first place, we’re particularly thankful for the house that we’ve found that meets our needs so well…but my brain really is quite full up now and I need a rest.