So, when we moved into our house the front room looked kinda like this:

It should be pointed out that the red stripe was NOT our idea. The general mess and clutter was.

Now, Sally has put a LOT of work into the painting. Her approach is very much little bits here and there whenever time permits. Whereas mine is to book some serious time out and do a load in one big go. And so, with great glee, we have taken a weekend off and finished off (mostly) the front room’s facelift:

I think you’ll agree is looks substantially more charming, sophisticated, pretty, homely, warm, open and a whole load of other things. We appreciate that it won’t be to everyone’s taste, but we like it a LOT!

In fact, I’m VERY surprised at how different it looks and I feel quite inspired to get on and make the rest of our house “ours”.