Controversial Commute Tips 5 – Routine

[If you haven’t already, and are wondering why my cycle commuting tips might be controversial, please read the introduction!]

Who said this was easy? In some ways my last tip about leaving some things at work complicates matters because you need to remember what’s at work and what isn’t, what needs changing, and so on.

At first, I’d often get this wrong, but over time I’ve developed a routine. I know what needs to go in my bag on what days. Some things stay in my bag. Some things are changed every day, some are changed every week.

It’ll need a bit of thought, but with practice “The Routine” becomes second nature…until you get an out-of-routine day. A trip away from the office; a day off on leave, a day working from home. All of these put you out of step with where things are.

I also recently had a phase of bad Mondays. Traditionally, Wednesday is my least favourite day of the week (it’s the furthest point from a weekend), but for a few weeks Mondays were pretty bad. The things with Monday is lots of weekly things get changed over, and I’m often thinking too hard about them and forget the daily things.

But establishing a routine is good, will come as you work at it, and makes life easier in the end.