Controversial Commute Tips 9 – Smile

[I wanted to schedule this for posting on Thursday, but I’ve enjoyed writing it so much I want to post it sooner.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the series (I FINISHED A SERIES!!!) and if you’re new to the blog after Karl linked from his far-superior corner of the cycling ‘net well, I’m flattered that you’re still reading…thanks! Bother…now I need to find more interesting things to say!]

I’ve said a lot over the last week-and-a-bit about the nitty-gritty of getting around this town of mine on two wheels, how I deal with it, and what I’ve learned that might be useful to others.

But here’s the biggest and best tip of all.  Despite all that I’ve said, despite the rain and wind and bad driving and darkness and sweat and punctures and buying expensive bikes and gear and potholes and messing up the routine to find you arrive at work with two shirts but no underwear…despite all that…


Yes, cycling is sometimes lots of bad things, and I hope that my “tips” and experiences might help some of you deal with that.

But mostly, cycling is an exhilarating, fun, healthy, life-enhancing, life-lengthening, sociable, environmentally friendly, fast, cheap, and trendy way to travel.

Can I make it even more good than that?  Here’s some final tips:

Be nice to people: greet other cyclists, encourage and acknowledge good driving.

Be “good”: obey the law, be gracious, give others room as well as expecting it.

Be safe: keep your bike in good nick, make sure you’re visible, get training and advice – it’s not expensive, don’t deliberately put yourself in danger because a motorist is gonna hate himself if he hits you.

Smile: show that you’re enjoying yourself – maybe you’ll get a smile back sometimes!

And, as my first tip said, just do it: get on your bike, get good at cycling, have fun, and share your love of it.  The more of us there are they better it will be.