Simple things

Sometimes, the simple things in life are the most pleasing.  Here’s what I’ve liked in the last couple of days:

Putting out the white bag, and half a black one

We can now recycle mixed plastics from the kerbside.  Yoghurt pots, meat trays, plastic bags, as well as the palstic bottles we used to.

Of course, it would be better if things didn’t come packaged in plastic to start with, but it’s better than landfilling it.

So this week we put out a clear sack with plastics, and just half a black-sack of stuff for landfill.  That’s two week’s rubbish in there!!!

Good, old-fashioned customer service

  1. I constantly rave about Chesterfield’s, my barbers.  They’re cheerful, friendly, laid back, chatty – but not too chatty, keen to help and they do a good job for a good price.  Just passing the place makes me smile.
  2. The car’s service happened last month.  This month it was time for an MoT.  Here’s what happened when I booked it in:
    “Ah, Mr Wintle is it”
    “Yes.  Booked in for an MoT”
    “Is the car in the top car park sir?”
    “No, it looked full so I put it in the bottom car park?”
    “Ah, you put it in the top car park last time.”

    He remembered who I was, and where I’d left the car last time.  Not only that but they did exactly what I asked (if not less), phoned me to keep me informed, and were friendly, helpful and did a good job for a good price.

So in a week where there’s not been much good news, some things, the simple things, are looking pretty good still!