A Little Re-branding

We are now, hopefully, post-identity-crisis, and if you follow me on Twitter you’ll have picked up on that, but a few other things are changing as a result of that too.

I do like my “magicroundabout” identity, but this Blog’s title is (was!) a bit cumbersome and…well…I’ve not been happy with it for a long time.  It suited the first few years of life here in Swindon but we’re pretty settled now and, while I still discover new things often, my writing is less about “discovering new things in an old home”.

I spent some time thinking about how I might retain the “magicroundabout” theme while also signifying that I’ve moved on, and making the name simpler in the process.  I’ve settled on the subtle double-meaning of ‘Which Way Now?: Notes from Swindon – home of  the Magic Roundabout’.

At some point I’ll refresh the blogs’ theme and revamp the static pages a little.

Thanks, as always, for reading and contributing.