Our George (after Matilda)

Don’t ask where this came from – I don’t know.

I was out cycling today and thinking about 9/11 – the ten year anniversary is coming up, of course.  For some reason I then thought of the “Cautionary Tale” by Hillaire Belloc called “Matilda”, which, for reasons I won’t go into, I have memorised.  If you don’t know it, go have a read!

I think it was brought to mind by remembering the firemen of 9/11 which we saw a program about the other day. Says the poem:

Within an hour the gallant band

were charging in on every hand

from Putney, Hackney Downs and Bow

with courage high and hearts a-glow.

Anyway, as I pedalled I put the two ideas together and started recomposing “Matilda” in light of 9/11.  I got this far…

Our George he had such thirst for oil

It made his country proud and spoiled

His dad, whose term some years ago

Had kept the price-per-barrel low

Apparently supported him

Their efforts, they changed everything

For once, towards the noon of day

Some terrorists grew tired of play

And finding they were not alone

Went planning terror quite unknown

They hijacked two innocent planes

And took the towers down in flames

It’s not quite the tribute to the firemen that I think I set out to produce, but it kinda works.

I think it should end:

And later, when his troops returned

Our George found all his oil was burned.

Anyone fancy filling in the middle?