The Podcast Podcast — a satirical lesson in boring audio formats

On my walk to work today I was listening to a podcast. I can’t help but think that format isn’t quite right. Here’s a transcript of how not to make a boring piece of audio. With apologies to anyone that makes podcasts — I actually admire and respect your work. Consider this “constructive feedback”, and I hope you’ll laugh along.

Hi, and welcome to this episode of The Podcast Podcast. The Podcast that tells you about the Podcast about Podcasts.

Later on we’ll tell you about this week’s podcast, but I want to start today by telling you all about last weeks podcast which was mostly all about last weeks podcast, but also told you a bit about the week before’s podcast, and even, excitingly, gave you a look ahead to this week’s podcast.

If you’ve not already listened then you really should and make sure that you review it on iTunes, share it with all your friends, and subscribe in your favourite podcast app so that you never miss and episode.

Now before I tell you about this week’s podcast we just need to take a quick sponsor break but we’ll be back soon with this week’s podcast and if you can hold on long enough we may even give a teaser later on of what in next week’s podcast.

We’ll be back after the break.

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Welcome back to The Podcast Podcast. Before the break we told you what would be coming up after the break, which we’ll get to in a minute.

Today’s episode is actually a listener question. Our listener Chas is an avid follower of The Podcast Podcast and I’d just like to say thank you, Chas, for listening. The podcast wouldn’t be what it is without our listeners and I’d like to thank each and everyone of them for subscribing and listening and submitting questions. It’s people like Chas that make The Podcast Podcast worthwhile.

So Chas submitted a question via The Podcast Podcast website, which is on podcastpodcast.not, or you can contact us on Twitter at @podcastpodcast which you can also do if you have a question. Not all of our episodes are listener questions, but they give us something to talk about when we’ve run out of ideas of our own.

Chas actually submitted a question previously on The Podcast Podcast, and if you want to hear that then you can look up episode 32 on iTunes or on our website at It’s truly hard to believe that we’ve now been going for 68 episodes and next week we’re expecting to hit 100,000 downloads which is JUST amazing. I’m so grateful to everyone that listens to the show. It started as just a stupid thing in my spare time, and has now grown into this huge network of podcasts which is just incredible. And it’s our goal to provide you with a stack of interesting content week-by-week. So make sure you look up our other podcasts too.

Speaking of interesting content, that’s exactly what Chas’s question is about. Chas asks “Why is there not more content on The Podcast Podcast?”. Well, Chas, this is a great question, and we’ll answer it after the break when we’ll come back and actually answer your question and give a teaser for next week’s episode.

Don’t go away.

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Welcome back to The Podcast Podcast. Before the break we told you about long-term Podcast Podcast listener Chas’ listener question, and how we were going to answer his question after the last break. So that’s what we’re about to do.

You’ll remember that Chas’ question was “Why is there not more content on The Podcast Podcast?”

Well the answer, Chas, is that sponsorship is really important for podcasts because it pays us to make them. So I’m sure you totally understand the need for that. But as for why we can’t just run an ad, get on with the content, and then run another ad at the end? Well, I really don’t know.

I hope that answers your question Chas and thanks for submitting it.

So today we’ve looked at what we were going to speak about today, told you lots about this podcast, and spent a short time answering a listener question. In a moment we’re going to tell you about next week’s podcast.

But first don’t forget that if you, like Chas, have a question for The Podcast Podcast then you can submit it through our website at podcastpodcast.not, or ask us via Twitter at @podcastpodcast

Next week on The Podcast Podcast, we’re going to talk about this week’s podcast, next week’s podcast, and maybe even look ahead to the following week’s podcast. We’ll even throw in the usual segments where we ask you to share our podcast and rate it on iTunes.

Thanks for listening to The Podcast Podcast, and see you next time!