• The Weeks: 14th and 21st October

    I’m still way behind with weeknotes – partly I’m still dealing with the fallout of some big emergency hosting and support stuff that came in, but also I’ve been ill with a cold that went on for WEEKS, and both my kids had a sickness bug. Sometimes, life just gets in the way of creativity. […]

  • The Weeks: 30th September and 7th October

    I got really behind with weeknotes because of a triplet of urgent work that came in and overwhelmed me. So here we go catching up Projects: what I’ve been up to I’m still working my charity microsite build. I’ve also been working on: a small WordPress site build for a local charity project some modifications […]

  • The Week: 23rd September 2019

    My week in posts, projects and pins, plus my Toolbox, the Time Machine and This Week I Learned. Featuring my notes app, and an old blog post about software engineering!

  • The Week: 2nd September 2019

    Wow – so school is back this week!! At the start of the long summer holiday I was thinking how this was a LONG time and would really drag, but gosh it’s flown by. But we’re about to return to the regular routine. Projects: what I’ve been up to I’ve been doing hosting stuff, development […]

  • The Week(s): 26th August 2019

    Gosh – no week notes since February! Partly this is because I wanted to automate the “Pins” part of making weeknotes, because it was a right bind to do manually, but also I just dropped the ball. But I love my weeknotes, they’re useful for me if no one else, and I’m keen to get […]

  • The Week – 25th February 2019

    Last week was half term holidays, made all the more interesting by my car’s drive-shaft breaking! Eeek! But I had two GREAT days of work in there and exciting things are happening – I even submitted a talk to WordCamp London and will await a response to that nervously. Projects: what I’ve been up to […]