The Week – 25th February 2019

Last week was half term holidays, made all the more interesting by my car’s drive-shaft breaking! Eeek!

But I had two GREAT days of work in there and exciting things are happening – I even submitted a talk to WordCamp London and will await a response to that nervously.

Projects: what I’ve been up to

  • Starting off the new Laravel project.
  • I nudged along a site migration to new hosting that should be simple but involves 6 parties (old IT company, new IT company, new hosting company, ultimate client, intermediary consultant and me!). Migrations – like dates – are trickier than they seem!I had a REALLY interesting call about a REALLY interesting future project that may or may not happen.
  • Pretty much completed a small piece of WordPress work that involves some custom data. If you read last week’s week note then you may be interested to know that I went with custom pivot tables and I’m really happy with the result. But I’ve had to do custom file uploads, which are a pain (MIME types are just a weird kludge!), and some tables on the front end which I still need to style for mobile somehow, but it’s all coming together nicely.
  • Did a “quick 10 minute job” for a client…just inserted some code on a page…you know the sort of thing! (90 minutes later…) ?

Posts: things I made

  • Nothing written this week.

Pins: things I read and remembered

  • This Is Your Brain on High Sensitivity – I’ve written about the character trait of High Sensitivity elsewhere, this article explains a bit more of how my brain probably works!
  • – a tool for gathering live feedback (Q&A / polls) during conference talks/workshops. I’d wanted something like this for a talk I may or may not be doing, but it’s quite expensive!

Have a great week!