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  • Lots of lovely links and Googlaholism

    Phew – what a glut of posts to start with. I mentioned a few links in my last post and just wanted to make a note about the fact that I’m currently managing my links using Google Bookmarks and Google Toolbar. This works well as it allows me to keep my favourites with Google and […]

  • BBC Cycling challenge and a useful link

    Serendipity! I happened across this on the BBC Website – a cyclist very much like me who’s won some “competition”. Seems his prize is to train for 10 weeks for a 120 mile ride and keep a video diary of the process. Here’s the link. There’s another cool link to a site called Everyday Cycling […]

  • Nesting birds

    One thing I’ve been enjoing about being back in Swindon is the garden. In London we had a flat with no outdoor space of our own. Here we have a little patch of lawn, a shed, and lots of plants! In fact, we probably have more plants than all our neighbours. Which means that all […]

  • A funny day

    It’s been a funny day. I woke up feeling great – much more myself – very much an answer to prayer. However, I was just about to leave for the stag day I’m supposed to be at, when I collapsed in a heap and cried. I was wept, on-and-off, and uncontrollably, for about 2 hours. […]

  • New beginnings

    I’m not supposed to be here this evening. I’m supposed to be at a friend’s stag do but I’m feeling pretty ill and need to just rest. Sorry Dave. But I’m taking the chance to kick off this writing. I’ve tried Blogs before and given up quite quickly – and probably will this time too. […]

  • Starting again and…oops!

    So, I’ve been thinking for a while, for a number of reasons, that I’ll start writing again. Mostly to do with new things that I’m discovering. As always, it probably won’t last. I’m feeling a bit rubbish today but was entertained by this error from Google – I’m not sure if you can read it […]

  • Easter Is…

    My first Blog from work! Lunchtime. Sandwiches…inevitably from Marks and Spencers… Easter is upon us. It is Holy Week. And the shops are full of Easter merchandise hoping that the sun and the temptation of copious quantities of chocolate will spur people on to spend their hard earned reddies. But what’s it really about? M&S […]

  • Community in Teams

    I’m in a band! Not a very big or good band, we’re just starting out really playing once a month, rocked up versions of contemporary Christian songs to God (“worship songs” for the uninitiated). I love it, I’m passionate about it, I have fun doing it, it’s just great and it’s just me. But I’ve […]

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