RPM vs the great outdoors

“Ride the Calorie Killer” says the wall of a small, bicycle-packed room at our local sports centre. This room is the home of an exercise class called “RPM” (TM), which is what most people would call a “spinning” class.

I’ve been to this class once before a few months ago – but Sally and I both went along last night. Her first time, my second.

In theory – because I like cycling – this should be my ideal workout. 45 minutes of intense cycling, to the beat of a good selection of music, with simulated time trials, hill climbs, and interval training.

Yet, though Sally really enjoyed it and felt great afterwards, I don’t like it. Most people come out of it tired but energised and feeling good. But, as I did the first time I went, I came out feeling rubbish, and I’ve still feel pretty rubbish nearly 24 hours later.

Theories for not liking RPM:

  1. I naturally push myself when exercising so having someone else shouting at me to push myself harder still just makes me overdo it.
  2. I generally don’t like people telling me what to do when I think I know what I’m doing anyway.
  3. The heat! I sweat a LOT so being in a crowded room full of people all working at near-maximum power output is quite uncomfortable for me and my body loses a lot of fluid – maybe that’s not good for me.
  4. Perhaps I’m just not used to pushing myself that hard and how it feels afterwards. Perhaps I’m worrying about nothing. Perhaps I should just make sure I eat and drink enough beforehand, and have a proper recovery time afterwards.

I WILL go again. I was particularly tired yesterday so maybe it was just a bad day to do it. But overall I’d much rather be outside – even in the rain. Having the countryside whizzing passed, clocking up real miles, wind keeping you cool with real hill climbs and no one shouting at me to “TURN IT UP!!!”. Much nicer.