• What Bike?

    The weather this spring is good and fuel prices are high, so it's the ideal time to consider the question "Could I cycle to work?" and, if so, what sort of bike should I get?

  • A long commute

    I've not done much cycling this season, so I grabbed a couple of cereal bars, filled a water bottle, and headed off in search of faraway lands.

  • Update on Chicken with Buses

    I'd like to personally and publicly thank Thamesdown Transport for a quick, thorough, and highly professional response.

  • Chicken

    A quaint picture of Swindon in the morning "rush" hour...and then...

  • Not a mornings person

    I love the thought of mornings but I'm definitely NOT a mornings person.

  • Rush hour

    I've always known in my head that cycling is better, but today there was something more emotional