Update on Chicken with Buses

All credit to Thamesdown Transport.  My little email describing the dangerous overtaking got a more-than-satisfactory response from the bus company today.  In fact, the woman in customer services got quite zealous wanting to “hold a full and thorough investigation”, “trace the bus”, “examine CCTV footage” and “deal with the matter via our internal disciplinary procedures”.

Woah…hold on there.  No one was hurt, and I didn’t want to blame anyone, I just wanted to achieve a little education about a potentially dangerous spot, and that’s what they are going to do…in fact, the Operations Manager has agreed to do this as a matter of urgency”.

It may be that this doesn’t actually achieve much, but if one bus driver reads a poster and as a result chooses not to do something silly that endangers a smaller, squishier road user, then something good has happened.

Seriously, I’d like to personally and publicly thank Thamesdown Transport for a quick, thorough, and highly professional response.  I’m really quite impressed.