Squeezing in some exercise

I’m actually doing quite well on the exercise front of late with several longer (i.e. more than 10 miles) bike rides and even a game of squash on Friday lunchtime.

I love squash, it’s a game I grew up with and keep returning too, so it was great to be back on court, but made me realise how much cycling gives you strong legs, but weedy little arms.

On the cycling front, I did 11 miles on Friday, including getting up to Elcombe, and a 14 mile ride home on Monday.  On Monday’s ride I got chatting to another cyclist who was a member of Swindon Road Club.  He said he was taking it easy as there was a training session on Tuesday, but I was still pretty chuffed to leave him for dust on Pavenhill.

Here’s hoping I can keep upping the milage and actually achieve some decent, REALLY long rides this summer.