Not a mornings person

So I’m trying to reclaim my cyclist image slightly after a bad winter and start to the year. My documented 20-mile ride on Monday was good, so I tried to follow it up with my 9-mile extended commute today.

Now, I love the thought of mornings. I love the crisp, fresh air, the quietness and the glow you get from the knowledge that you’re up and about when everyone else is still in bed 1.

Yes, psychologically I’m a mornings person.

Physiologically, however, I’m definitely NOT a mornings person. Physical activity always feels much harder in the morning and I always seem to start waking up again at about 10:30pm.

So after getting down to wearing shorts, short-sleeves, sunglasses and fingerless mitts earlier in the week, I struggled into work today in longs, and my winter gloves and arrived feeling pretty worn out.

The sun’s come out though and I’m looking forward to a lunch-fuelled dash home. It’s always so much easier!

  1. they, of course, love the glow that they get from lying in bed knowing that everyone else is up and about