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Improving internal communications – it’s a people problem…

Some useful experience and insight for people wanting to try to help improve communications in their teams.

Thoughts on AMP

Some un-structured thoughts on Google’s (AMP) project and Facebook’s Instant Articles and how they might affect small publishers.

Blatent Plug(in): WP Quick Image – WordPress plugin for new year photo bloggers

If you’ve resolved to take a photo-of-the-day in 2015 and you’re into self publishing then my WP Quick Image plugin might help you out.

A +1 for Google

I confess, I followed most of the Google I/O Keynote Speech on Wednesday. The Verge sums it up), or you can watch the entire 3.5 hours below. It was at times very dull, but there was an awful lot of… Continue Reading →

Not that I’ll be using it but…I knew Facebook were going to do photo sync from mobiles. Has it been announced? Or did they sneak it in?

Facebook’s Flaws

After minimising my Facebook presence and deleting all my Instagram photos I wanted to explain a bit more why I’ve done those things. I’m finding it quite hard to articulate succinctly, but I’ll give it a go anyway. I know… Continue Reading →

Consolidating the Networks

So it seems like the fuss about Instagram’s Terms and Conditions was over-hyped. It always seemed that way. But it has pushed me over a tipping point anyway. Yesterday and today have seen me starting to process of deleting data… Continue Reading →

Sally and I both use social media a lot so you may think that it would be entirely natural for us to keep some detailed online records of the pregnancy, birth (well, not the birth, but the immediate time after), and early days with our boy. BUT…

It now seems that it’s my responsibility to publish the fact that it’s my birthday. This is a new piece of knowledge to me. I’ve always assumed that people put these things in their calendars anyway. What other assumptions that I have about the world might have changed because of social media?

From the moment I first heard of Google Latitude I wondered why on Earth I’d want to tell the world where I was.

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