Blatent Plug(in): WP Quick Image – WordPress plugin for new year photo bloggers

It’s the new year, and I’m sure I’m not the only one to have made resolutions/goals. And I’m sure that for some of you one of your goals is to take and post a decent photo every day. Perhaps some of you even got new cameras for Christmas?

Photo of the Day

Well, if you’ve set a “Photo of the day” resolution, are into self-publishing and have a self-hosted WordPress blog (or can set one up) then I have a little tool that may be really useful. It’s a plugin I developed called WP Quick Image.

WP Quick Image

Rather than explain in words, here’s a video showing how it works:

It even works great on mobile devices!

And as an added extra, you can use this with Yoast WordPress SEO plugin (or another plugin that creates Facebook Open Graph tags) to share your images to Facebook without needing to upload them to Facebook. Here’s a (slightly technical) how to:

Looks good? You can download the plugin here¬†or install it from your WordPress plugins page by searching for “WP Quick Image”

Drop me a line if you have any issues with it, and please leave a review or rating if you think it’s good, and feel free to tell others about it too.