2015 Goals: Press Ups!

So Christmas and New Year were pretty full-on. Not work-wise, but with lots of family and friends, which has been lovely. But 2015 is upon us! So what’s new?

Well, I’ve not had time to do any kind of year-in-review type things. But I have thought about some goals for 2015 and I’ll write about these in the coming days (though, as you’ll have worked out, I’m already behind).

The first thing though, I do want to start today, and I’ve given it the really, really cheesy name “Press Ups”, for which I can only apologise. ┬áLet me explain.

For a while, a few years back, I tried to do a set of WordPress tutorial screencasts. I did four, I think, and never kept them up to date.

But producing short screencasts is much easier with the tools I have at my disposal now, and I do want to build up a library of screencasts again.

So I’ve challenged myself to spend, say, 10 minutes each (working!) day doing a really short WordPress screencast showing how to use WordPress, one of its plugins, or perform basic website management tasks.

Why the name “Press Ups”? Well, it’s my/your daily WordPress exercise! Geddit?

I honestly don’t know if I’ll keep it up. I can’t believe the videos will be very professional. I almost certainly won’t make it every day, but it seems like a useful thing for me to do, and to share with both my clients and the WordPress community.

I’ve not done any branding, but I have managed to set up un-branded social media presences for Press Ups. And if nothing else I have a very cheesy domain name!

Look it up my intro from today on the Press Ups website, and feel free to suggest a tutorial (though I already have a good list of topics to get through).

A screenshot of a screencast
A screenshot of a screencast