• Please. Don’t. Play with the…

    With a pre-schooler, a simple activity, like trying to plug a hose into a water butt, turns into a mind-bending philosophical monologue.

  • New Friend

    My new bike - a Marin Muirwoods 29er - is truly a do-everything sporty, on-road, off-road, commuter and family adventure bike. I love it!

  • Lenten Acts

    As a Christian involved in digital media,  I’m bombarded with opportunities to give up or take up things around the beginning of the season of lent. Indeed,  this year I’m helping create a website that is offering one such opportunity. I can’t really escape it, and the choice of activities and tools is brilliant. I’ve […]

  • Bike! Hat! Wow!

    I’ve always been a keen cyclist in one way or another, and even more so since we moved to Swindon. So it’s quite amazing that its taken so long to get us using bikes as a family to get around. There’s been several reasons for this. For one, my ‘workhorse’ bike has had a wobbly […]