Lenten Acts

As a Christian involved in digital media,  I’m bombarded with opportunities to give up or take up things around the beginning of the season of lent. Indeed,  this year I’m helping create a website that is offering one such opportunity. I can’t really escape it, and the choice of activities and tools is brilliant.

I’ve been crazy busy preparing this new website and haven’t really had to choose something to do for lent. But at some point I seem to have signed up to do Stewardship’s 40 acts, and the first of those is to create a journal.

I figure that this blog serves that purpose, and blogging more often is also a habit I want to develop, so here we are.
I’m not sure if it will continue this way in public. Proclaiming our acts from the modern-day street corner may defeat the point of lenten disciplines. But we shall see. I don’t know what the activities will be yet.

Today I’m to write a list of things that I’m thankful for. Being thankful is also something I try to have as a discipline, helped along  by the Twitter hashtag #thankyoutoday.  But most days I find myself wanting to be thankful for either God’s provision or for my family.

And today is no exception.