• Facebook Photo Sync

    Not that I’ll be using it but…I knew Facebook were going to do photo sync from mobiles. Has it been announced? Or did they sneak it in?

  • The little one

    Sally and I both use social media a lot so you may think that it would be entirely natural for us to keep some detailed online records of the pregnancy, birth (well, not the birth, but the immediate time after), and early days with our boy. BUT...

  • Let there be Light

    I cannot tell you what a gaff it’s been to reinstate this light after having our ceiling re-plastered. I think this was the fifth attempt. Failures I recall are: 1. Not cutting a hole for the rose. 2. Running out of arm strength because I was too stupid to remove the glass bowls. 3. Wiring […]

  • A long commute

    I've not done much cycling this season, so I grabbed a couple of cereal bars, filled a water bottle, and headed off in search of faraway lands.

  • Pre-cycle campaigning note

    I'm part way through writing a post about my thoughts on taking up cycle campaigning (whatever that might be), but some things have come up today that I want to note more immediately.