• A Bad Week

    I've not been hit or hurt at all, but the sheer lack of space and thoughfulness on the part of drivers has really shaken me up to the point where I'm really considering my options.

  • Local Travel Plan 3

    A few notes before I start this post, and hope it doesn’t turn into a rant. I’m really sorry that I’m turning into a transport geek/bore. I think the LTPs are a good thing. I know one of our council transport people a little and she’s brilliant, hard working, and very good at what she […]

  • Free Stuff!

    While the council themselves are making it cheaper to drive into town, the local business in the town centre have teamed up with our local transport companies to provide free bus travel on the evenings of the four late-night Christmas shopping days.

  • Cycling Positivity

    Do I have the right to query people's complaints at cyclists, when I complain myself?

  • Busism?

    I have joined the cult of bus!

  • Cycle Campaigning

    How do I get involved in this sort of thing? What is there to do? How can I make a difference?

  • Winter Training

    Winter isn't just cold and wet. It's dark! And this presents a whole new set of challenges.