• If you’ve ever felt like you owed me a beer…

    My college computing teacher, Ray Burcham, is raising money for the Great Western Hospital radiotherapy unit. This will mean that cancer patients don’t have to travel 30 miles to Oxford for daily cancer treatment. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/raymond-burcham This man is the reason I’m writing code today. So if you’ve ever had some advice, good-value work, IT support, […]

  • Bruce Street Bridges: Never again

    I'm not cycling Bruce Street again. My life is too precious. I'll stop and use the half-baked pedestrian/shared infrastructure. Cycling feels dangerous.

  • Swindon Cycle Paths: A Missed Opportunity

    A little while ago there was some discussion on Twitter about cycling in Swindon. It started from a question asked by whoever was running the PeopleOfSwindon account that week, and we got onto the topic of Swindon’s cycle paths. The following observation was made: @Surfseekerdin – public cycle paths seem extensive, though I don't cycle, […]

  • Cycle on the roads, or else…

    I’m being kept awake and was catching up on Facebook when I read this ridiculous article: http://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/9201293.___Cycle_on_the_roads_or_else/ The Facebook post asked for comments. I wrote this in response: SO many things wrong with the comments from the police. First of all I’m totally with Andy, cyclists should obey the law. There’s no excuse for illegally […]

  • Let’s Park That Idea

    My eyes have been opened - safer streets have been right under my nose for years. Now can we have some more please?!

  • Credit where it’s due

    There was a little cleaning machine out this morning clearing up all the slippery leaf mulch on the cycle path to work. Thank you Swindon Council – it’s really appreciated!

  • Relics

    Sometimes I find myself thinking "Did we? Did we REALLY cycle 50 miles?"

  • Cheaper Parking…Again

    The council are at it again cutting the cost of parking in Swindon Town Centre. I understand the economics and I agree that it's good to get people into town, but, as always, isn't throwing the money at car usage incredibly short sighted?