• Tinkerwell for WordPress Developers

    Tinkerwell is a brilliant tool from the Laravel world that I believe can really help WordPress developers. Read up, watch my introductory video, and buy the darned thing!

  • Cordless family life

    Freed from the constraints of having to find an appropriate combination of socket, circuit breaker, and extension lead, I could now just grab-and-go.

  • (Developer) Tools talk

    Last night I gave a talk at the Cheltenham WordPress MeetupĀ on the amazing toolkit called "(Developer) Tools" in your web browser. The group is very mixed in terms of technical ability so this was a great topic, and I put "Developer" in brackets because there's something in Developer Tools for all website creators, regardless of […]

  • Sublime to PHPStorm and Back: A coder’s text editor journey

    Coding News: I swapped my super-duper IDE for a less-functional text editor – you’ll never guess what happened next! Actually, it was a really good exercise, and here’s why. I was chatting with my friend Keiron today about text editors. I recently followed him in transitioning from Sublime Text to PHPStorm. But I explained to […]

  • Sketching: Learning to draw lines

    Seriously. I'm a competent, thirty-something professional person, and I'm having problems with drawing straight lines.

  • Sketching: Tools

    So if I'm going to take this sketching thing seriously, I'll need some tools.

  • More free stuff!

    File sharing tools, iPod image editing apps and FREE TREES!