Tinkerwell for WordPress Developers

Tinkerwell is a brilliant tool from the Laravel world that I believe can really help WordPress developers. Read up, watch my introductory video, and buy the darned thing!

As someone who crosses the boundary of WordPress and Laravel development, I like to exchange ideas and tools between those two communities.

One recent tool that’s appeared in the Laravel space is “Tinkerwell” by Marcel Pociot. Tinker is a Laravel command-line REPL (Read-Evaluate-Print Loop) tool that lets you run code inside your Laravel app. If you don’t know what a REPL is then, well, watch the video below. If you’re familiar with WP-CLI in the WordPress space, then the wp shell command is a REPL for WordPress.

Though it started as a tool for Laravel development, the latest version of Tinkerwell comes with built-in support for WordPress too (and the ability to extend it for other PHP frameworks).

So as the messenger to the WordPress world of all the lovely Laravel things, I’d like to present my introduction to Tinkerwell for WordPress developers.

I only cover the basics: I leave out how to use SSL to Tinker remotely for example, or how to change between projects. But the video is intended to show you the potential benefits of using Tinkerwell, not to be an exhaustive tutorial.

If you like Tinkerwell, it’s really cheap to buy: only $15 or £12 plus local taxes. So go grab a copy using my afilliate link and both support Marcel’s great work and buy me a coffee while you’re at it.

Here’s a second video I made showing off how to use the tables feature: