• Coming home

    Now, if you can just imagine that I had a tripod and an SLR and got a beautiful, long-exposure shot of trains moving in and out of the railway shed at Paddington that would be amazing! In London today and there should have been loads of opportunity for great shots of city life, but I […]

  • Getting you there without costing the Earth

    I just belatedly picked up today’s Guardian and there’s a supplement called ‘Green‘ which is ‘published quarterly and is an independent magazine’. The editorial says what’s in the issue, including ‘assessing the pros and cons of different vehicle choices to get you there without costing the earth’. Marvellous…only, the article is ACTUALLY about new motor […]

  • Let’s Park That Idea

    My eyes have been opened - safer streets have been right under my nose for years. Now can we have some more please?!

  • Cheaper Parking…Again

    The council are at it again cutting the cost of parking in Swindon Town Centre. I understand the economics and I agree that it's good to get people into town, but, as always, isn't throwing the money at car usage incredibly short sighted?

  • Transport Secretary

    Well there you go then Mr Phillips - you're transport secretary and you won't cycle because it's too dangerous. I think you have identified one of the key problems that you need to sort out.

  • Local Travel Plan 3

    A few notes before I start this post, and hope it doesn’t turn into a rant. I’m really sorry that I’m turning into a transport geek/bore. I think the LTPs are a good thing. I know one of our council transport people a little and she’s brilliant, hard working, and very good at what she […]

  • Flying

    How can it cost £60 to fly and no less than £80 to go on the train. Are we taking money from the railway companies and giving it to the airlines or something?