Who am I?  Who are you?

Hi, I’m Ross. I’m a mid-thirties, multi-disciplinary geek from Swindon, UK.

My Work

I’m a software developer at heart, but I have a softer side that likes to work with people to help them use technology to achieve their goals.  I recently handed my notice in on my full-time job in IT operations to get back into development – I want to be more creative and work more directly with customers.

I run a small business in my spare time called “Oikos” which fulfils my aim of wanting help people use technology to communicate, collaborate and build community.  This is mostly working with small community groups, charities, churches and small local businesses and is highly creative and enjoyable work.

If you’re interested in finding out more me, you can read my CV or drop me a line.

My Life

When I’m not in the office I can be found cycling, gardening, keeping up with technology news, learning new skills, trying to live out my Christian faith, and, occasionally, writing about some of that here.

My Identity

It’s a funny thing.  I like to write, and to share – with the world!  But for a long time I was protective of my identity: I went under the name “Magicroundabout” and built up an online identity with a small, but well-engaged following.  This blog was hidden from search engines too.

But recently some things have changed and I’ve decided to go public.

My Writings

The nature of this blog is that it’s primarily notes-to-self that happen to be shared with others.  However, I seem to have become part of a great online community of cyclists, developers, and people with other similar interests who inspire me to write and speak out on issues that I care about.

Having said that, whoever you are, I’m happy to have you here.  The readership is small and friendly, and I’m honoured and humbled that people are interested in what I write.  Please keep reading and keep it interactive and friendly too.  I need help with some of the things I’m new to from more experienced people so do comment if you have something to contribute!

My Readers

So, that’s me who are you?  Perhaps, you’ll leave an introductory comment below (you may need to scroll right to the bottom…sorry…silly WordPress theme).