30 miles today!!!

Despite feeling rubbish yesterday, Sal and I took advantage of the good weather and started cycling to Cricklade (18 miles round trip). We were feeling good so carried on to South Cerney and came back via Purton! Sal was pretty knackered by the end of it but other than a bit of pain from rubbing shorts and a warm glow I was pretty OK.

Route is on Google maps here. I couldn’t work out how to extend an existing line so I ended up with 6 lines but should give you some idea of the route.

We managed to avoid the nearby low flying aircraft – which I suspect won’t be on the aerial footage for ever but it is for now.

One thing that bothered me today. We started out on Sustrans’ National Cycle route 45, which is great BUT, in their wonderful efforts to get you off road as much as possible they don’t half put you on some narrow and gravelly tracks. You can’t get much speed up at all on some of these. Don’t get me wrong – the NCN is a GREAT thing but sometimes you have to be a bit creative to get where you want in the way that you want.

Good ride though!