Lots of lovely links and Googlaholism

Phew – what a glut of posts to start with.

I mentioned a few links in my last post and just wanted to make a note about the fact that I’m currently managing my links using Google Bookmarks and Google Toolbar. This works well as it allows me to keep my favourites with Google and get to them from wherever I can login – I get the same favourites/bookmarks on all the three computers I mainly use (work, home desktop and home laptop).

In fact, I’m a bit of a Google addict – documents, bookmarks, mail, maps, notes, RSS feeds – they’re all on Google. I’m sure this is a bad thing in the grand scheme of things – having all your eggs in one commercial basket, but their user interfaces are so simple and intuitive, their software is good and works well, it’s clean, quick and it all works like a dream.

I should probably hate Google as much as I hate Microsoft but somehow I can’t bring myself to. Perhaps that’s a blog for another time.

The bookmarks are good though.