BBC Cycling challenge and a useful link

Serendipity! I happened across this on the BBC Website – a cyclist very much like me who’s won some “competition”. Seems his prize is to train for 10 weeks for a 120 mile ride and keep a video diary of the process.

Here’s the link.

There’s another cool link to a site called Everyday Cycling that has routes, events and a journal/ride log and some community features. Looks a bit basic but anything that encourages people to get on their bikes regularly is a good thing.

I guess I’ll keep tabs on his experiences – if I can find out how to make the BBC website keep me up to date. He sounds a lot like me – commutes a short distance but wants to do something bigger.

I love his comments on lycra shorts – but padded pants are GREAT (hence having them in my blog title – I’ll explain it all one day).