New beginnings

I’m not supposed to be here this evening. I’m supposed to be at a friend’s stag do but I’m feeling pretty ill and need to just rest. Sorry Dave.

But I’m taking the chance to kick off this writing.

I’ve tried Blogs before and given up quite quickly – and probably will this time too. But I’ve just moved to a new town and I’m discovering lots of new things…or possibly rediscovering old ones.

Actually I’ve just moved BACK to an “old” town, Swindon, my original home, which I moved from about 10 years ago. It’s been a big move, from the centre of London to a small, new town in the west.

I’ve long been sceptical of Swindon but I’m starting to see what a good move it is.

Things I’m (re)discovering: cycling, gyms, the outdoors, gardens, being involved in a music group at church.

My intention is to record some of my discoveries, trials, and successes. More for my own benefit than that of others. But perhaps someone else will find it useful too?

We’ll wait and see. I give it a month.